Let’s face it, its not like you jump out of a plane and plummet towards paradise everyday, is it?

Our experienced and very talented Tandem Skydive Instructors will capture your Skydive Southern Alps experience for you. Not only so you can show your friends and family, also so you can relive the amazing rush you experienced with us over our breathtaking Glenorchy scenery – aka Peter Jackson’s Middle Earth in ‘The Hobbit’.

To capture your experience, your Tandem Instructor uses two GoPro cameras attached to their wrist, one recording video, the other taking photos. We guarantee 25 great photos of your skydive. However we will give you all the footage we take (over 50 shots) on a USB.

Handycam Photo and Video Combo Package $179

Now this is a real bargain, both photos and an edited video to remember everything you can about your fear-conquering moment of truth with us over Paradise. Details of the photos and USB below. The package price is per person. Sorry we are unable to capture two skydivers’ freefall experience on the same camera.

This package includes a USB of pictures:

  • before you board our specialised skydiving plane
  • as you climb to altitude
  • leaving the plane
  • while you are freefalling
  • once the parachute has been deployed
  • and of course a great shot of you with your Tandem Skydive Instructor!

This package includes an edited video on USB of your jump experience – perfect for remembering what was going through your mind! Including:

  • how you were feeling before boarding our specialised skydiving plane
  • climbing to altitude
  • dropping out of the plane
  • freefalling
  • what you thought of your freefall once the parachute has been deployed
  • footage of you and the scenery while you are under canopy
  • coming in for landing
  • your initial feelings about your skydive once you have landed
  • and of course a great shot of you with your Tandem Skydive Instructor!